We at Quick Freight Factors not only believe in growth but also maintaining the relationships with our clients.



As we understand the Importance of transparency between Client and Customer, QFF provides Online portal in which You can see your daily Invoices purchased, Outstanding as well as money Collected on your Behalf.

We believe in Growth, As we are up to date in the Market, we Provide free Consultations to our Clients regarding how they can improve their Services to get more Business and Profits.

We are very happy to overlook your whole Accounts If Needed.


Quick Freight Factors help in small and growing businesses and acts like a line of credit for flexibility and growth of the Company. Working capital demands grows as fast as your company grows. At Quick Freight Factors funds are immediately available based upon invoicing.

QFF is created in order to increase the cash flow for the better working capital for any new or existing business. QFF is widely open to the diversification of business, like textiles, manufacturers and rapidly growing entrepreneurial business.


QFF gives the ability for any new or existing company to try new ideas or expand the business –which most of us want to do by having good cash flow.

Choose QFF company
1. QFF that understands your business & your needs.
2. Provides a dedicated customer support team.
3. Has custom products that cater to your exact needs.
4. Provides value-added services to save your time and money.



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Helping you to lead a Successful Business with our Outstanding technologies.


Deferred Purchase

A Deferred Purchase arrangement is similar to Collection Factoring in that QFF takes over all credit functions, and collections and receivables bookkeeping are also outsourced to QFF . As receivables are collected, QFF credits the client’s account and remits monies to the client on all approved accounts.

Advance Factoring

In an Advance Factoring relationship, QFF provides all the basic elements of a traditional factoring relationship — credit approval/protection, collections, and bookkeeping — and allows the client to borrow funds against the factored receivables, typically up to a specified percentage of receivables.

Collection Factoring

A Collection Factoring relationship with QFF includes credit review/approval, collections and bookkeeping. Financing from QFF is not required. The client transfers the credit risk of bad debts on approved accounts to QFF Under the terms of a Collection Factoring arrangement, when factored receivables are assigned to QFF we become the owner of record of those receivables. Collections on receivables are then forwarded to the client as they are collected.



Look what our Clients has to say for us…


  • “Quick Freight Factor is a great partner for my growing business. QFF provides a consistent, reliable factoring service that has been beneficial to the continued success of my company. They have protected my business from potential losses by giving me vital credit information on my customers. They have a great collection process that allows me to focus on company issues, not routine tasks. Just as importantly, their helpful advice and encouragement has helped me work smarter, not harder with my business. I love the friendly staff and appreciate all they have done for me and my company.”
    Harjinder Bolina, Sigma Freight Carriers , CA
  • “We went to multiple banks until there were no more banks to go to. One banker introduced me to Quick Freight Factor. I had a negative attitude toward it but we either had to stop growing or find someone to help us. We factored all our receivables through QFF for more than three years, using the steady cash flow to expand staff, purchase equipment and chase new business.”
    Mike, Express Trans, CAers , CA
  • "Don't look for a better factoring company, because there is not one . QFF is in a league of their own. Once you experience doing business with Professional like QFF, you would be lost without them."
    Virendra Singh, Highway Hauling Express, NJ
  • Air Cargo Transfer partnered with Quick Freight Factors in 2013 and I must say, it's been a spectacular partnership. They are always on time with their wire/ach payments into my account. They even advanced me funds when I over paid my carriers so that I wouldn't have any banking issues or bounce checks. Vishakha Shah is very informative and will always ensure you have a complete breakdown of funds being transferred. Her professionalism makes your day-to-day operation worry free when it comes to your finances. If you are looking for a factoring company to help you maintain your daily operation, give QFF a call.
    Ralph Anderson, Air Cargo Transfer, NY
  • "You have always provided service above and beyond any other company I have dealt with. Our account manager gives us 100% and is only one of the reasons we have chosen to stay with you." Dharminder Singh, Pathway Trucking, NJ
    Dharminder Singh, Pathway Trucking, NJ
  • "The services and commitment that we have received over the years has been outstanding. Our account is been managed very accurately, with complete pleasant and understanding. Our success is all because of my factoring company"
    Sarita Sharma, Starway Logistics, CA
  • “In all my years of finance experience I have found you as being the best source, their personal touch and commitment to us has made our relationship a great blend of business and friendship."
    Tia, Samra Transport, CA



Easy to understand our Methods.


1) Customer Places Order

First step in Factoring Process is when the Customer coordinate with you for your Services, and you decide to endure your Services to them with the Proper Credit Check in which QFF can help you tremendously which will minimize your risk for future.

2) When Services are Accomplished

When you Provide services to your customer you generate Invoices with all the Proper Documentations required to be paid.

3) Send us your invoices

Once we receive your Invoices, we would check it and confirm with customer and provide them as they need it by email,mail,fax or Originals.

4) Advancing

Once all Invoicing being Processed, We would Advance you between 80-95% very same day. Funding can be received by wire, cheque, ACH .

5) Customer Billing

Once we fund  for your Invoices, then we will forward  to your customer. We do not wait 60 days for collection rather we start from day 1. Furthermore you will have online access to status of all your open invoices.

6) Customer Payment

Factoring Process is Complete Once we receive Payment on that Invoice ,Factoring Discount charges would be deducted and rest would be gone in your Reserve Account .



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